Take Action

So, what can you do?

  • Limit exposure

    • Read Labels
      • Can’t find the ingredients? Call the 800 number on the product.If the product contains Acrylates, tell them to remove it! Tell them you will not buy until you can verify, the product is Acrylate Free!
    • Don’t sit next to printers
      • Many printers actually have fans inside to disperse all those ink fumes into the air! Keep printers in a separate room, in a closet, or in a well ventilated area.
    • Talk to your employer
    • Don’t let any liquid acrylic touch your skin (paint, acrylic nails, adhesives, etc.)
      • Don’t get acrylic fingernails!
        • Currently, Getting acrylic nails is the top cause for consumers to become sensitized.
      • Wear Nitrile gloves, but …..

        Gloves may not be enough!

        Just wearing gloves may not be enough protection (and wearing latex gloves can cause a latex allergy!). Nitrile gloves give some protection, but Acrylates can be airborne.


  • Make your voice heard

    • Demand manufacturers display all ingredients and ban those shown to be a health hazard!
    • Tell your elected officials you support the Personal Care Products Safety Actdontbuyverify
  • Make your own products 

    • You can save a lot of money by using simple and safe ingredients. See below for helpful recipes


Recipes for safer products:

Face Scrub: coconutoilsm

Ingredients: Coconut Oil and Baking Soda.

Melt Coconut Oil in microwave (about 30 seconds – microwaves vary). Add in Baking Soda (about a 1:1 mixture). Stir until completely dissolved. Refrigerate to harden. Use amount about the size of a quarter as face scrub. Rinse with hot water and pat dry. Use 2-3 times a week. Discontinue use if any irritation.

Coconut Oil by itself can also be used as skin lotion, fizzy hair conditioner, eye make-up remover, and even a shaving lotion!

vodkaFabric Freshener:


Since alcohol kills germs, get a large bottle of cheap Vodka and put in spray bottle. Spray on ‘musty’ material and let dry. Order is gone. Always test a patch of the intended material before using.







Buy white vinegar buy the gallon

Surface cleaner:

Simply dilute (1:1) Vinegar in distilled water. Either use spray bottle or pour on cleaning cloth. For calcium buildup, soak in stronger solution. Great for counter-tops and hardware (don’t use on wood) . Always test a patch of the intended material before using.



Have a recipe you can share? Leave a comment.

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