Are You At Risk?

If you’re alive, you’re at risk. Acrylate’s toxic effect on your body is cumulative. That means that small doses over time can build up until your immune system reacts. And since Acrylates are now being put into personal care products like soap, and lotions, you may be exposing yourself without knowing it!

(c) Julie Wininger

Anyone can develop an allergy to Acrylates but the following are at greater risk because they are exposed to high concentrations of Acrylates.

  • Dentist/dental technicians
  • Printers
  • Construction / Fiberglass workers
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Beauticians, especially those specializing in sculptured nails

Most common non-occupational exposure:

  • Women who get manicured/sculptured artificial nails

But this list will soon grow. Acrylates are now being put into personal care products at an alarming rate. Acrylates are even in baby products!



Acrylate exposure is cumulative. This means small doses over time add up to the point of triggering a life-long condition. Once you become allergic, you will need to avoid any trace of Acrylates.

But Avoidance of Acrylates is difficult. We live in a plastic world. More and more companies are adding Acrylates to personal care and household products. Acrylates have become so ubiquitous that the American Dermatology Society named Acrylates Allergen of the Year in 2012.

Acrylates: Allergen of the Year in 2012!

“They’re strong sensitizers,” states Dr. Belisito (ACDS)






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  1. Karen says:

    Thank you for this site! I have had this problem for a while, but it is getting worse.
    How can I tell if my tea bags have acrylate? Besides googling, is there a way to tell?
    Thank you!


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